Pay As You Go Broadband has arrived....


PAYG Internet is cost effective and convenient for people who are not permanent residents, who have low usage and cannot justify the high monthly charges, use dial-up or do not have a fixed line.



        Purchase the dongle for just €79 which includes
        €10 worth of credit.

        With the Plug & Play dongle, you will be on-line within minutes and, once you are connected, you are in complete control of what you spend.
        Chargeable at just 5 cents per MB you can enjoy high speed Internet combined with terrific value for money.



Pay only for the time you are online

No contract ties!

No monthly charge!

No minimum spend!*

No phone line required!

* If the dongle is not used for say 3 months, to keep it alive,
there is a €1 a month inactivity fee.

What is your normal daily Internet use?

Send 10 emails (without photos)             2 MB

1 hour of browsing                                  6 MB

Total cost for the day                        8 MB x 0.5 cts    €0.40


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